I’ve been waiting for you

You, who see my scars as beauty

my mistakes as human

 my awkwardness as grace





It’s You That I Miss

That connection

the one that is instant

the laughter comes easy

stories roll off the tongue

with an ease that feels foreign.


That contact

no words need be spoken

the comfort is palpable

with a strength lifting

unseen burdens and fears.


That friendship

comes once in a lifetime

all other pale in comparison

like time never passes

it picks up right up again.


It’s you that I miss.




A Whirlwind of a Weekend

The last eight months have been filled with preparations and planning for the biggest day in my daughter’s life.  So far anyway.  A celebration of commitment and love that I hoped would fill her every wish.  Now that the wedding is over I hope to get back to writing more regularly.  But all of the effort, worry, angst and sleepless nights were well worth it.