Sometimes a girl needs a sincere compliment…

is (10)



I still hear his voice


The catch in his breath

before he told a half-truth

The tone as he calmed

the eruption of daily panic

The musky timbre as

words tumbled from his tongue


I still feel his presence


The warmth of his

hand enveloping mine

The smell of his body

slipping into mine with ease

The enviable strength

standing guard over me


He remains with me

although he is not…


photo: pixabay

The Fallen

Seventeen more fell today

across a country filled with anger.


The smell of despair filling posts,

fingers pointing in every direction.


Orders to speak not his name

and honor the dead and traumatized.


Reliving October 1st as the

media fills every outlet they can.


Hearing the screams and

seeing the faces over again.


Sleep won’t come for the

living who grieve for the fallen