Sometimes a girl

needs a promise fulfilled…


photo: pixabay


July 16, 1978

1978, mid-July

my brother and I

stood behind our mother

at the door of the Sirloin Stockade.


Mama yelled

and pounded on the door

muttering that they should

still be open, and we were hungry


A woman

appeared and said

they had to close early

for reasons I can’t recall.


Now mama

wasn’t one to back

down when she thought

she was right, but that night she did.


She read

in the paper the

following day about the

six found dead in the freezer.


There could

easily have been

nine instead, but for

mama’s ability to hold her tongue.


I think of that night often…





So Humbled

img_0208.pngI was just recently nominated for this award. Wow, not something that I would have ever expected.  Thank you to Grabbety Covens for nominating me.  I have really enjoyed his work on his blog, Surviving the Struggle to Success.  His writing is honest and straight forward.  You should definitely check him out.

I haven’t been writing for very long and honestly, I just write the way I speak.  I’ve found that there are those who do appreciate the simplicity of my style and I’m grateful when they take the time to comment on something I’ve written.  So thank you!!!

Who is Rio McKee?

  1. I struggle with my writing every single day.  I don’t know if it’s good, I hope that it is, I tell myself it’s okay if it’s not.  LOL  But I am compelled to write, so write I must!
  2. I began writing because I had kept secrets for 54 years.  My soul couldn’t take it anymore and this is my outlet.  If I could have the last 30 years back, oh how my life could have been different.  My goal is to help give a voice, and possibly courage, to someone young enough, that they can have the next 30 years free from secrets.  Just because it didn’t happen for me, doesn’t mean I can’t help make it happen for someone else.
  3. I love being creative.  I am going to be spending more time with my camera capturing images that make me catch my breath.  My goal is to only use my photos on my blog moving forward.
  4. I love animals and have a horse and a couple of dogs.  They keep me grounded and smiling, despite anything else that comes my way.
  5. I have been to all fifty states in the US and lived in most of them.  It’s an amazing country and I’m proud to have seen so much of it.
  6. I am working on the design for a future tiny house.  It will set on two acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It’s a dream that will be coming true over the next few years.
  7. I recently had my first book published, “Real. Raw. Hope.”, and have been humbled by those who have purchased it and then reached out to me with their stories.  It’s amazing.  If you’re so inclined, you can get it here:  Real Raw Hope

Bloggers I love to follow and read, in no particular order…

  1. Erich Michaels
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  3. Milly Schmidt
  4. Grabbety Covens
  5. John Coyote
  6. Charles French Words Reading and Writing
  7. A Writer’s Path
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To all those I follow, thank you for inspiring me.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Rio McKee

Editorial Review – Real Raw Hope

It felt pretty amazing to see this.

The Book Review Directory

Title: Real Raw Hope

Author: Rio McKee

Genre: Poetry

Real Raw Hope is a book of poetry inspired by Rio McKee’s history of trauma and journey towards recovery.  McKee shares in the Introduction that she survived an active shooting on her college campus.  The trauma of this event prompted her to unlock a larger and deeper history of trauma.  The poetry gives voice to the events and pains McKee had silently held secret for so long.  This process contributed to McKee’s healing, and she hopes sharing her work will help others feel less alone in their own pains.

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The little blonde haired girl 

I had to share this, because he captured what it was like to be that girl.  I know, because this could have been me.   Twenty-eight schools from the first grade through high school.  Check out his blog.  It’s amazing!


Middle school

She was the new kid

I was alone in a crowd

She started mid year

I should’ve known everyone

She was used to moving

I went places in my head

Her golden hair made her stand out

My unkempt curly hair did the same

She felt everything was temporary

I was afraid I would always be that way

She was selective on who she befriended

I gave my lunchtime chocolate milk to anyone

She asked me to push her on the swing

I felt the joy and rush she experienced

She set a date for every recess

I now looked forward

She chose me

I let her in

Then one day

She was gone

I pushed an empty swing

Decades later

I don’t long to reunite

I just hope

That she found


Who loves to swing her

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