My daughter called in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.  It’s unusual so I took the call.  I could hear in her voice that something was up.  My stomach lurched as I waited for her to tell me what was wrong.

“Mom!  I’m engaged!”

My baby girl is engaged and I am thrilled with my future son-in-law.  They are so good together.  Both kind, generous, loving and adventurous souls!

My cup runneth over…

Gerald and Boo


Your Name

She heard your name

today in a crowded room


Eyes shifted toward

her watchful for any reaction


Her stomach twisted

threatening to give up its content


Her heart crumbled

beneath the weight of your memory


Her ears deaf

to all after that moment


Their eyes disappointed

at no reaction externally


She is rebuilding

walls you brought down


But today the sound

of your name was crippling


photo: Rio McKee