Off Center


turn into weeks

turn into months



unopened, strewn

across a corner desk



turning, rotting

wasting in the fridge



she struggles

to find her center…


photo: pixabay


They Say

They say

the holidays are the most difficult

time for those dealing with depression,

anxiety and PTSD who often search for a will to live.


They say

there are steps to take to

help ease the pain and loneliness befalling

those who have walked a tougher road than most.


They say

it’s just a matter of changing your

focus, practicing self-soothing techniques

and applying positive thinking to your everyday life.


I say

who the fuck are they to make

recommendations to calm the demons

and ease the fear in a life they’ve never walked personally.


photo: pixabay

No No No

She stutters no,

no, no, no, no, teeth chattering in the cold

Her skin raw

from hours of scrubbing beneath the shower’s spray

The water once

hot, now ice cold, raising goose bumps across her flesh

Exhausted, she slides

to the floor surrounded by shampoo bottles and razors

Her head finds

the shower wall again and again and again

Tiny neat cuts

send spirals of crimson circling down the drain

She is six

and wonders why she is still here


photo: pixabay

Your Name

She heard your name

today in a crowded room


Eyes shifted toward

her watchful for any reaction


Her stomach twisted

threatening to give up its content


Her heart crumbled

beneath the weight of your memory


Her ears deaf

to all after that moment


Their eyes disappointed

at no reaction externally


She is rebuilding

walls you brought down


But today the sound

of your name was crippling


photo: Rio McKee