There’s something so surreal about the moment you get the package that contains your first book.

I stared at the package sitting in front of me.  Picked it up.  Put it down.  Picked it up.  Put it down.  Walked out of the room and felt my heart beating deep in my chest.  I knew I had to face it, so I sat again and started opening the package.  I caught a glimpse of the cover and the tears began to fall.

I’ve flipped through it, read through it, touched it and still find it hard to believe that it’s my creation.  My words, my choice of pictures, placement and order.  I have such gratitude for my editor, designer, publisher and those who helped me through the process.  They made it look beautiful.

I am still having trouble processing it, but I am so grateful.  So humbled.  So… something I can’t even explain in this moment.

I know it’s real though, because I have my very own ISBN.  🙂  Now that is so cool.  I’m an author.  Wow.

If you’re so inclined to check it out, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as several other sites.


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