The little blonde haired girl 

I had to share this, because he captured what it was like to be that girl.  I know, because this could have been me.   Twenty-eight schools from the first grade through high school.  Check out his blog.  It’s amazing!


Middle school

She was the new kid

I was alone in a crowd

She started mid year

I should’ve known everyone

She was used to moving

I went places in my head

Her golden hair made her stand out

My unkempt curly hair did the same

She felt everything was temporary

I was afraid I would always be that way

She was selective on who she befriended

I gave my lunchtime chocolate milk to anyone

She asked me to push her on the swing

I felt the joy and rush she experienced

She set a date for every recess

I now looked forward

She chose me

I let her in

Then one day

She was gone

I pushed an empty swing

Decades later

I don’t long to reunite

I just hope

That she found


Who loves to swing her

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